Big Sky Round Gouda

The most important Dutch cheese, Gouda is made from whole milk. It is a pressed, uncooked cheese, with a firm straw-coloured interior, scattered with small irregular holes. Gouda wheels range from mild to extra aged.

As it matures, Gouda becomes darker in colour, firmer in texture and much tangier, with a fuller, richer flavour and a more pronounced, spicy aroma. It is presented as wheels, rindless blocks and shredded. Spiced and light versions and smoked process logs are also available. Gouda is an excellent cooking cheese at all stages of its maturity and can also be enjoyed at any meal or as a snack. 

John Smith

Big Sky Gouda has that perfect balance of salty and sweet - with a mild and nutty taste and velvety smooth texture. It is made in the traditional Dutch way by starting with the freshest milk, and then adding a second culture that gives the cheese extra flavour. Three months of aging intensifies the already complex and rich taste.

John Smith

Artisan cheese

Too Gouda to be True

We use fresh milk from cows that have not been treated with antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. The cows’ diet must be made up with Non-GMO grains such as corn and barley and forages such as alfalfa, corn or barley silage, legumes or grass.

How it’s Made

To make Gouda cheese you need milk, starter culture and rennet. Hot milk is collected in a large tub, after which rennet and starter culture are added. Rennet is required to create a hard substance and starter culture is needed for flavour and longer shelf life.

When rennet and starter culture are added to the milk, a thick curd soon develops; this thick curd is cut and stirred.

Next, the remaining moisture (whey) is removed. The curd is put into the cheese mould to obtain a nice shape and to drain the remaining moisture out of the cheese.

To flavour the cheese, it is given a brine bath and left to mature until the right taste has been achieved. 

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Gouda cheese

The most important Dutch cheese, Gouda is made from whole milk.

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Artisan Cheese

We love everything about making cheese

Fresh Organic Milk

Pure, organic, whole cow’s milk produced by Montana dairies with high butterfat content.

BSC only uses milk from cows not treated with antibiotics, growth hormones or rBST. 


The dairy cows are fed cereal grains and forages such as barley, corn and alfalfa without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMO”).

No Antibiotics

No antibiotic treatments are permitted for dairy cows producing milk.

No Hormones

No steroid or hormone treatments are permitted for dairy cows producing milk.

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