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Big Sky Cheese, LLC is part of Madison Food Park located in Cascade County, Montana.

Cascade, meaning ‘waterfall’ in French, is considered one of the most beautiful parts of the world to live and visit. Residents here are proud and take on a certain Western lifestyle that includes hunting, fishing and the great outdoors.

In the time period of Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Cascade County territory belonged to the Blackfeet. The county was named for the falls on the Missouri River.  

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The Montana Dairy Industry

The dairy industry in Montana has been struggling to survive and the financial feasibility of the industry has had a bleak outlook.

Big Sky Cheese, LLC, a dairy milk ‘value-added’ processor, was established only recently but has been thought about and contemplated for many years. Although Montana has fluid milk processing facilities, the vision for the future has been to have a value-added facility built and operating to further utilize the milk being produced by Montana dairy producers.

A dairy milk processor can bring huge opportunities to the dairy producers of Montana. Just like in all business development, building the facility and creating a “Montana Pride” brand of cheese will take some time, patience and of course investments.

However, Big Sky Cheese has a clear marketing plan and an 80-year track record.

Creating an Artisan cheese with higher quality requires more care put into making the cheese. Using only fresh Montana raised dairy milk, natural and organic ingredients will inevitably ensure that Big Sky Cheeses will come out on top with quality, taste and texture. Our approach has won many awards on the world stage and it can be replicated in Montana.

Our products will fit well into the social and economic trends. People are much more likely to read the grocery label on specific products they buy than in the past. Consumers today demand a less processed product and more natural ingredients.

Our cheeses will most likely be sold at the deli counter rather than the cheese coolers in a supermarket or wholesale store. Being an Artisan Cheese comes with a slightly higher price for higher quality.

Cheese tends to be a staple in most people’s diet and is usually on their grocery list. Cheese is viewed as an important part of our diet as it contains a high level of calcium and vitamin D.   

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